Vision & Mission ,Philosophy

Vision & Mission ,Philosophy


To be recognized as a leading model of institution offering excellence in quality of nursing  education to promote research activities and turning out intellectually enlightened, morally upright, emotionally balanced and socially committed health care professionals.


  • To promote high quality education to develop professionalism with a global outlook.
  • To promote learning that stimulates learners to reach their full potential through out their life.
  • To foster innovative research that will benefit the humanity and improve the nursing standards.
  • To create, empowered, committed, compassionate and skilful healthcare providers who make a difference in building a healthy family, community and nation.
  • To enhances the individual student to become a good leader and self-motivator in professional practice of nursing.


The college of nursing believe that,

  • The nursing courses should be planned around the nursing care need of the society as well as the educational needs and personal development of nursing students.
  • The primary focus of the educational program is to prepare the student nurse for professional nursing practices in all fields.
  • The courses offer an educational base needed for continuing nursing education.
  • The faculty of the college accepts the responsibility of helping the students to adjust to new situations and provides them with the opportunity, which contribute towards development of the student as a person, responsible citizen and competent practitioner.