The Library Committee provides a forum for open discussion of matters relating to the Library and its services. Its membership is made up of the Director, and library representatives, faculty representatives and student representatives

Objectives of Library Committee

 To decide and adopt policies to govern the management and programme of the library

 To prepare the annual budget, rules and regulations of the library

 The committee also looks into students complains, if any

 The Library Committee is a standing committee of the Academic Council

Library Committee Members

The Library Committee consists of the following:

Chief Librarian Mrs.Bibi Elizabeth  
Librarian Mrs.Seetha S Mr.Vijayananthan
Faculty  representatives   Mrs.Anu.R.V-Senior Lecturer Mrs.Megha Murali-Clinical Instructor  
Students Representative Ms. Kareena Manoj 5th sem KVM CON

Duties and functions of Library Committee

 The duties and functions of the Library Committee shall be:

 To frame general rules for the management of the Library

 To prepare the annual budget estimates of the library

 To allocate funds, from the sanctioned annual budget of the library, for the purchase of books, journals and periodicals

 To arrange for the stock taking of the library

 To advise the Librarian regarding general library development

Aims of Library Committee

 To develop collection of reading material useful for various courses.

 To provide full information support to the teaching-learning process in the college

 To provide various library services and facilities to the readers

 To support research activity for its progress and qualitative development

 To exchange information about the library and information requirements of the academic community of departments, centres and students

 To consider university-wide information strategies and policies

 To contribute to the development of library and information strategy, policies, services and resources

Library Committee arranges a student forum to create awareness among the students. Some aims of students are as follows:

 Many students are not aware or do not know what types of research and learning skills classes and sessions are available. These sessions are listed under the Library class booking system on the student portal.

 The demand for longer library opening hours is constantly brought up by students. The Library regularly reviews opening hours to meet users’ needs.

Rules and Regulations

Library Committee also makes some library rules for the students. Some general rules are as follows:

  1. Identity Card is compulsory for all enrolled students for availing of library facilities.
  2. Identity Card will be issued by the librarian on presentation of admission receipt and photograph.
  3. Misbehaviour and misuse of Identity Card is an offence and the student responsible for the same is liable for disciplinary action.
  4. Students should maintain silence and mobiles are not allowed inside the library
  5. In case of any grievances the users should contact to Librarian or Principal.
  6. No admission is permitted in study room without Identity Card.
  7. Students can borrow text books, on their Identity Card in the study room.
  8. Books / Study materials issued in the study room will have to be returned before leaving the study room
  9. Conversation, making noise, sleeping, resting legs on chairs and tables, smoking etc., is strictly prohibited in the Library.
  10. Members entering the Library/reading room are required to leave all personal belongings like Umbrella, bags, brief cases, books, coats, etc., inside the locker room placed at the entrance.
  11. No outside/personal books are allowed inside the UG/PG Section.
  12. The Librarian may recall any book /journal any time if required.
  13. Personal belongings should not be left unattended. The Library staffs are not responsible for any loss or damage.
  14. Students should follow the dress code of the college while visiting the Library.
  15. Members of the Library found to be indulging in damaging the library materials.
  16. Misconduct or infringing the library rules is liable for disciplinary action.
  17. To obtain NO DUES certificate, members should return all books/journals borrowed pay overdue charges if any and surrender the library cards


            Nursing books-4009

Number of Nursing journals subscribed (National)-10

Number of Nursing journals subscribed (International)-6