Health Club

Health Club


Health club inauguration in our college of nursing held on JUNE21ST 2023 AT 10 AM in the college conference hall. The inauguration ceremony which started at 10 am with prayer song,The chief guest Mr.Dhanesh.R,YOGA INSTRUCTOR inaugurated the function.As June 21 st is international yoga day,We celebrated both function together,health club inauguration and international yoga day celebration .our chief guest explained about what is yoga important for day to day life.principal and vice principal delivered the felicitation.The opening ceremony of healthclub ended with a vote of thanks by Jasmine salam,senior lecturer and health club co-ordinator followed by national anthem at 11 am.At the end of the inauguration yoga training session was started as per the instruction of MR.Dhanesh,r,yoga instructor ,yoga training session was conducted at auditorium for two hours and it was ended at 1 pm.


As a part of health club activity, Two staff nurses  from kvm hospital conducted an awareness programme regarding menstrual cup on  3/9/2023 at conference hall of kvm college of nursing.Programme started with prayer song. Mrs.Surya.c.s welcome the gathering.Our all students Such as 4thth year Bsc ,second semester and fourth semester female students were participated in the programme.Duration of the programme was two hours. They have got awareness regarding menstrual cup,its use and disadvantages.Students were asked their doubts and they have given clear explanations And session ended at 4 pm.


Second semester Bsc nursing students of kvm college of nursing organized nutritional programmes with the association of health club on 10/10/2023 at nutritional lab.Theprogrammestarted at 11 am. All the faculties and students were attended the programme.students prepared and presented diet plan for pregnant lady ,old age group and therapeutic diet for patient with liver cirrhosis,obeisity and renal disorders.They wereprepared different food items and av aids for the presentation which was very interesting and motivating.principal congratulated the students for their creativity and all other  teachers gave their corretions and suggestions for the students. The programme was ended at 12.30 pm.


As a part of health club activity fourth year Bsc nursing students were conducted  an awareness programme regarding promotion of health and prevention of disease in all aspect of health care.This year theme of world health day was “My Right My health”.This year theme  focus the rights of each individual in their own health.Students were prepared and demonstrated health promotion and disease prevention measures.The programme started at 12 N.All patients in the OPD were attended the programme.Patients and bystanders were clarified their doubts and students were given clear explanation and clarification about their doubts and programme ended at 1pm.


As a part of health club activity, 3rd semester BSc. Nursing students conducted an awareness program on cancer on 16/2/2024 at OPD of KVM Hospital, Cherthala. More tan 20 members attended the program. Duration of the program was one and half hours. Students were prepared PowerPoint for the presentation which was very interesting class. Students were explained each type of cancers and its preventive measures. Patients and bystanders were asked their doubts and they have been given clear information and explanation for their doubts. The program ended at 12.30pm.


As a part of health club activity fourth year Bsc nursing students were conducted an awareness  programme  on Oral hygiene  and prevention of dental caries in underfive children at paediatric department of kvm hospital on 12th APRIL 2024.Programme started at 11 am.All the patients in the paediatric ward and 5th sem students  who were posted in  paediatric ward were attended the programme.Students were prepared and presented various health education chart and  demonstrated the procedure of mouth care.Children who were admitted in the paediatric ward were re demonstrated the procedure they were happy to attend the programme.The programme ended at 12N.