National Service Scheme is an Indian Government sponsored programme under the Department of Youth Affairs & Sports of the Government of India. It was launched in Gandhiji’s Centenary year, 1969, aimed at “Developing Student’s Personality through Community Service”.

The motto of NSS; “NOT ME, BUT YOU” expresses the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for selfless services and appreciation of another man’s point of view and also show consideration for fellow human beings. It insists that the welfare of an individual is ultimately dependent on the welfare of the society as a whole.

National Service Scheme is a Nobel experiment in academic expansion. It inculcates the spirit of voluntary work among the students and teachers through sustained community interaction.  


  • Develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility
  • Apply their education in finding practical solution to individual and community problems
  • Develop competence required for group living and sharing responsibilities
  • Identify the needs and problems in the community in the solution of which they can be involved.
  • Acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude
  • Develop capacity to meet emergencies and national disasters and
  • Practice national integration.


NSS unit of KVM College of Nursing had executed certain programmes for the welfare and betterment of the society.

  • Awareness class on AIDS and a skit on “End Isolation, End Stigma and End Transmission”
  • Health Camp along with health exhibition and puppet show.
  • Camp mainly focused on Identification of Life style Diseases; mainly Hypertension and Diabetes with prior registration followed by blood pressure and sugar monitoring and BMI assessment.
  • Health Exhibition based on Life Style Disorders was also conducted.
  • A Puppet Show on Dengue Fever was conducted by students.
  • Health Exhibition to generalize awareness regarding malaria
  • A campaign was conducted to control Transmission of communicable disease
  • An awareness class to spot out the ill-effects of tobacco use was performed on No Tobacco Day.
  • As a contribution to Mother Earth the World Environment Day was accentuated by distributing 150 saplings supplied by the forest department.

The NSS unit of KVM College of nursing visited HOPE COMMUNITY VILLAGE VANASARGAM. Hope community village is a home for helpless children.The volunteers did some entertaintment performance there .The inmates of the village also did some programmes there.


The activities of village were explained by Mr.Santhidorector of the institution. The community consist of 6 house with 10 children and a mother in each.Our members visited each houses and spend some time with family members. Our unit gave some gifts to inmates and leave from there by afternoon.


The NSS unit of KVM COLLEGE OF NURSING OF NURSING conducted distribution of hearing aids for 25 beneficiaries in free of cost in association with starkey Hearing technologies .The programme was organized at the conference hall of KVM nursing college on 12/05/2023. The programme started by 10.30 am with a prayer .Mr. Manoj Joseph ,Manager ,KVM Trust welcome all guests and others . Presidential address was given by Dr.V V Pyarelal ,Director K VM Trust .Section was inaugurated by Shri.Vinoy Baby ,Regional Head ,south Zone Starkey.He also distributed the hearing aids to the beneficiaries.ProfDr.E Krishnan Namboothiri dis falicitation.Vote of thanks by Mr.Sinumon.Our NSS volunteers plays great role in whole function .The programme wind up by 12.30 pm with national anthem.


The NSS unit of KVM college of Nursing conducted an Anganwadi nutritional Programme for providing awareness  to underfive mothers  on  4/08/23at cherthalaanganwadi number 25.Students prepared five different varieties of amruthumpowder dishes and given classes to the mothers on the preparation  and nutritive value of each dishes .They also took class on breast feeding to postnatal mothers .they prepared unniyappam,vattayappam ,laddu,ada and cake  with amrutham powder. The programme started at 10.30 am .Ms.Latha JPHN inaugurated programme.Andprogramme wind up by 12.30 pm .


The NSS unit of KVM college of nursing celebrated world blood donation day on July 14 at KVM Hospital . The Day was celebrated to provide awareness among youngesters the need of blood ,plasma and other blood products transfusion .the theme for world blood donor day 2023 is give blood ,give plasma ,share life ,share often,

          On the same day two  of our student donate blood.Mr.Shinto and Ms.Athulya donate A+ve blood  1 pint each.           The day was created to promote the youth to consider other as themselves and save a life by give their time and money to help some lives all over the world.


The NSS unit of KVM college of nursing conducted school health programme on 21/8/2023 at government LP School ,Muhamma .The camp was inaugurated by Principal of school .Ms Neet5hu Vincent facilitated in the programme.

The activities of the programme include height and weight monitoring of students of 4 thstandard.And also check the visual acquity of the students . The students of NSS unit provides health education on the dental bhygiene and instructed the step of brushing


The NSS Unit of KVM College of Nursing conducted a morbidity camp on 17/07/23in association with KK Kumaran pain and palliative care society .The camp was conducted at NSS karayogamhall ,Maruthoorvattam.The camp was started 7am after inauguration by Mr.P Mahadevan Managing Director Cocoteft . The felicitation is given by Mr.S Radhakrishnan .Chairman K KKumaran pain and palliative care society. Activities of the camp include height ,weight monitoring .BMI calculation ,blood sugar and blood pressure monitoring . The students also arranged health exhibition on the life style diseases and women empowerment.


The NSS Unit of KVM College of Nursing conducted a programme of“Anti Tobacco Mass Activity” on 31th of May, 2023at KVM centre for inner peace and deaddiction  . The vital subject of the event was to focus on “SAY NO TO TOBACCO” which witnessed participation of NSS volunteers and teachers. The event began with volunteers absorbing all the facts of consuming tobacco and how it slowly drags the smoker onto the tracks of death. The statistics shown to everybody regarding death figures caused due to tobacco consumption left everyone awestruck. This was followed by a poster presentation and awareness speech that made everyone aware about the after effects of having tobacco in any form. Health professionals, patients and their relatives became well aware about the tobacco monster and made up their mind to stay miles away from it.


The NSS Unit of KVM College of Nursing celebrated “World Environmental Day” on 5th June at KVM Trust Campus in association with Nature Club. This campaign was established to raise the global awareness among people about the environmental issues as well as take positive environmental actions.All teachers and NSS volunteers were actively participated in the cleaning programme, and plantation of the seedlings.This day was created to promote people to work for environmental issues and become active agents of the sustainable and eco-friendlydevelopmentworldwide.


NSS Coordinator :Mrs. Neethu Vincent
VolunteersLeaders – Alfida Sali and Abhirami A   
First Semester BSc NursingAbhiraman S, Anupama V Babu
3rd Semester BSc NursingRiya Fathima, Sooraj S  
5th Semester BSc Nursing Adhithya R S, Amal Krishna T A
4th year BSc NursingAthulya J, Shinto Varkey