The Vision:

Every association binds its members together as a coherent group towards a common goal. The Alumni association of KVM College of Nursing envisages to keep alive the flame of unity in all its members as per the ideals of Dr. Pyarelal the founder of the Institution. The spirit and the ideals of love and service imbibed can be a motivating force to be permeated in all activities of the students even after they leave the institution. The association thus serves as a connecting link fostering friendship and fellowship among all its alumnae and also providing opportunities for continued self development through scientific, professional, social and cultural programs organized periodically.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To cultivate and foster friendship and fellowship among the present and past students and teachers of KVM College of Nursing.
  • To encourage the students to develop affection and gratitude towards alumni and contribute to its progress.
  • To organize scientific, professional, social and cultural programs and thus to promote continued professional and self development.
  • To encourage students and teachers present and to contribute articles to the college magazines.
  • To develop funding for the benefit of the association by donations, contributions, aids, membership fees and subscriptions.
  • To promote the alumni to come together under one roof
  • To build a strong alumni network amongst the alumni community
  • To create common interest groups and provide forum
  • To communicate the ongoing/ activities to the alumni all over the world
  • To ensure that KVM COLLEGE OF NURSING mission and values are upheld by present and future growth alumni faculty and staff
  • To organize, sacrifice, professional social and cultural programme and to promote continued profession and self development


  • To re-unite in the nest from where we grew and flew off.
  • To build a bridge between college life and career life, so as introduce present students to the professional world and to make them proactive to face the challenges that may emerge in their career path.
  • To provide job opportunities to fresh bachelors through references of professionals.
  • To conduct orientation and training programs to students on various topics to enhance their skills.
  • To create awareness among students about the scope of their subject in the professional world.
  • To provide a platform for students to develop their qualities.
  • To participate in social welfare activities for social accountability.

The Executive committee

  • The association shall have an Executive Committee consisting of the following members:
President   Sreevidhya P Thapasya , Assistant Professor , SHCON
General Secretary U Shiny, Nursing Tutor KV SON  
Joint Secretary Rakhi Gopalakrishnan, Asst. Prof KVM CON  
Treasurer Neethu Vincent, Asst. Prof, KVMCON  

  • Committee Conveners:
    • Scientific delegation
    • Program
    • Correspondence
    • Editor INSIGHT
    • Immediate past president of the association shall be an ex-officio member(EC) of the Executive Committee
    • The EC shall hold office from the date of election till a new EC is formed
    • The members of the E C shall be elected in the general body meeting proposed by the previous E C

Duties and Responsibilities of the E. C. Members:

  • President:
    1. Presides over all meetings of the Alumni Association
    2. To nominate a substitute to officiate in the absence of President and the Vice President
    3. To conduct elective sessions/proposals for the next E C
  • Vice President:
    1. To assist the President in the performance of her duties
    2. To substitute for the President in the absence
    3. To carry out such duties and responsibilities as are allotted to her by the President
  • General Secretary
    1. Responsible for calling of meetings of the EC and the General Body in consultation with the President and Vice President.
    2. To record the minutes of all meeting of the E C and General Body.
    3. To place before the Executive Committee, suggestions and proposals received from the members of the Executive Committee and General Body for its consideration and necessary action.
    4. To ensure that the decisions of the Executive Committee and General Body are duly carried out.
    5. To place before the General Body, the minutes of the previous General Body meeting.
    6. Shall be responsible for day to day activities of the association.
  • Joint Secretary
    1. To substitute for the General Secretary in her absence.
    2. To assist the General Secretary in the performance of her duties
    3. To carry out such duties and responsible as are allotted to her by the President/Vice President.
  • Treasurer:
    1. To be responsible for the collection of membership fees and all other income of the Association.
    2. Responsible for maintaining detailed accounts of the financial transactions of the association and to submit the same for scrutiny by the EC.
    3. To have the annual statements of accounts duly prepared and audited and present the same to the General Body.
  • Scientific delegation:
    1. Assists the Editor in the collection, screening and compilation of the FMCON magazine/Souvenir.
    2. Conducting the seminars, symposium or other continuing education programs.
    3. Conducts social and cultural programs.
  • Correspondence
    1. Responsible for updating and maintain the record of members.
    2. Distribution of notices/information concerning the association.
    3. Regular correspondence with the members
  • Editor Bulletin:
    1. Magazine/Bulletin Chairman will be responsible for screening, compiling, editing and publishing the bulletin/brochure/souvenir etc.
    2. Liaison with General Secretary and communication chairman for dissemination of relevant information to members.

The members of the Executive Committee shall assist and co-ordinate with each other in the performance of their duties for the common good of the association. The Conveners of all committees shall have the option of forming sub committees to facilitate the achievement of objectives.

  • Finance:
    1. The official year of the association shall be the financial year from 1st April to 31st March.
    2. The funds of the association shall be deposited in a bank they shall be jointly operated by the Treasurer and President/General Secretary.
    3. The General Secretary shall not incur expenditure exceeding Rs. 500/- at any one time without the previous sanction of the Executive Committee.
    4. The membership fees collected during the year will be remitted to the bank account of Alumni Association.
    5. The EC shall meet the expenses of conducting activities from the bank account of the Alumni Association, which should be discussed and approved in the Executive Committee meeting.

The activities of the Association

The Association shall be responsible to conduct the following activities,

  • Publication of INSIGHT
  • Maintaining and updating directory of members
  • Organizing alumnae get-together with the following
    • General Body meeting
    • Symposium/Seminar /Workshop
    • Cultural programs/Games


Alumni meet MILAN   held on December 09 2023. Official  meeting started at 10 am. the meet was inaugurated by Preemy Mathew  Assistant  Professor government   College of nursing Alappuzha. Presidential address was given by Dr .VVPyarilal director KVM trust. Prof Mareen Asha Principal KVM College of Nursing, Mrs Surya  C S Vice Principal KVM College of Nursing Mr.Manoj,Manager KVM trust , Mrs.Sapna Principal KV School  of Nursing and Mrs Anita shekha,HOD English Department KVM Trust .Program was vended by vote of thanks by Anu R V .After the official meeting there were  cultural program by alumnees. Then they plant samplings in the campus .Aluminees leave the campus after the lunch arranged by Alumni Association