MINUTES   OF  THE YEAR  2023,13/5/2023

 KVM College of Nursing  is under NACC Accriditation process.Second  IQAC  meeting of 2023 was held on 13/5/2023 at conference hall of KVM College of Nursing.


  • Minutes of previous meeting
  • To discuss about examination and study holidays before examination
  • To discuss about the results of second sessional  examination and second PTA meeting
  • Clinical posting of students
  • To make plan about graduation  day of out going batch
  • Remedial classes for  students those who were failed in examinations
  • To discuss about Motivational workshop
  • To discuss about NACC Till date


1 CHAIR PERSON Prof.Mrs.Mareen Asha M S, Principal, KVM College of Nursing
2 COORDINATOR Prof.Mrs.Surya.c.s, Vice Principal, KVM College of Nursing
3 SECRETARY Mrs. Mrudu K B, Associate professor, KVM College of Nursing
4 EMPLOYER Dr. V.V. Pyarelal, Director, KVM Trust
5 MANAGING DIRECTOR Adv. Rajesh G, Managing Director, KVM Trust
6 ADMINISTRATOR Mr. Manoj Joseph, Manager, KVM Trust
7 LOCAL NOMINEE Mrs. Sasikala D, Thannermukkam panchayath president
8 TEACHERS Mrs. Shany Vincent, Associate professor, KVM CON, Mrs.Anusha Venugopal, Associate professor, KVM CON, Mrs.Arya.m.peethambaran, Associate professor, KVM CON Mrs. Soumya.c.s, Assistant professor, KVM CON Mrs. Bhavya.s, Assistantprofessor, KVM CON
9 STUDENT NOMINEE Kavya Vijayan, Jomon George
10 ALUMINI Mrs. Neethu Vincent, Assistant professor, KVM CON

                                                                                     Minutes of previous meeting read by prof.Mrs.Surya.c.s.During meeting we had discussed about the examination and study holidays which we have given for third year Bsc nursing examination and the date of  practical examination.We were planned to organize various clubs during the month of May, June and,July.In addition to that we were planned various monthly activities  each club.We discussed about motivational workshop which we are going to conduct in the month of June.Nacc coordinator discussed about the details of each critera and the completed data till may 2023.